Lockdown? What Lockdown?


This is the disgusting result of an all-night party that took place on Saturday at Bickershaw Country Park in Wigan. This happens to be practically on my front doorstep, and I really enjoy being able to walk around the ‘trail’ for my socially distanced walks. Unfortunately, the park has seen a distinct rise in anti-social behaviour since lockdown was imposed on the country. Off-road bikers like to take it upon themselves to race around the narrow tracks whilst completely disregarding the safety of families who are walking or cycling. Granted, we have seen a great police presence by Greater Manchester Police, who seem to be seizing bikes almost daily; but I’m worried that the next trend will be for late night parties to take place, with the result being the effective destruction of our local wildlife and environment.

What took place on Saturday is unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable; and I was even more horrified to hear that some human excrement had even been found amongst the dozens of bottles, cans and empty laughing gas canisters (don’t worry, I don’t have any pictures). Bickershaw Country Park has seen a resurgence in visiting over the last few years as more funds have been put into developing the land for all; however, if we continue to allow people to abuse the site I fear it will be lost for all.

For the last ten weeks I have stuck religiously to the lockdown rules imposed, but given we now have a more nuanced lockdown message, do you get the feeling that nobody is on the same page anymore?

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