Return of the Mac

This week was a phenomenal one in Wigan. Nope, it wasn’t the infamous World Pie Eating Championships; nor was it Uncle Joe celebrating his two billionth mint ball (he actually already did that back in 2011). Instead it was the resurrection of the Big Mac, as McDonald’s drive thru reopened in the town for the first time.

Now I will be honest – I bloody love a good quarter pounder meal, but for me the whole point of McDonald’s is, well, it’s fast; hence the term fast food. Clearly in this post Covid, socially distanced world McDonald’s is anything but fast, with Wiganers queuing up 2-3 hours to get their hands on a Maccies. It just begs the question – WHY?? What is the point of salivating in your Ford Focus for that long; all it does it makes you more and more frustrated that the car in front refuses to move forward so you can use the speaker system to order! 

Okay, I think we will see differences in how we order and consume products given that businesses have to have fewer people working at a time. I also think that we will start to gradually see McDonald’s, Burger King and all the other fast food outlets working out their very own new ‘normal’ in store so that we can still go in and eat our favourite foods. But they have a problem of their own making – ‘fast food’. Without it being fast, there is no uniqueness and instead it will become a source of irritation for customers, who live (mostly anyway) in a millennial era of having things produced for them yesterday.

I believe the amount of time it takes to get served in McDonald’s is around the amount of time it will now take MPs to vote in Parliament, albeit you at least get a Big Mac at the end rather than confronting Sir Lyndsay hoyle. All things considered, I think I’ll give maccies a miss for now.

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