Bubble Trouble

Remember that thriller of a TV show that used to come on every day, and that had us hooked? Yes, I mean the Daily Briefing led by the original cast of Boris, Chris, and Sir Patrick. Well, it seems to have tanked in the ratings and culminated in the broadcaster (otherwise known as “The Government”) cancelling its weekend episodes. I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched it for weeks. That is not meant disrespectfully; but I keep up to date in other ways, such as through podcasts,news websites and social media.

Johnson announces 'support bubble' plan to end lockdown isolation ...

However, there was one episode I tuned in for that had me gripped. Out came Boris flanked by his two scientific henchmen, and he announced that those who are single, or lived alone, could form a bubble with another household. Alas, this had me hopping for joy. No, not because I live alone (I have a wife and a cat) but because one of my friends – who does live alone- could bubble up with us.

I think the idea of creating a bubble was needed. Society was beginning to frey and there are so many people up and down the country who have really struggled being on their own for so long. We may have Skype, FaceTime and Zoom (which I believe is no longer free if you use it longer than 45 minutes) but there is no replacement for actually being able to see people one-on-one for a good natter.

Now we are ‘bubbled up’ it means we don’t have to social distance and can spend as much time as we like in either others houses with a nice cup of tea. Oh – and the bubble meant a return of gin nights.

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