Lewis Capaldi – Cardiff Arena – 1st February 

Written & Photographed by James Conway

From exploding onto the scene with the heart wrenching anthems such as ‘Bruises’ and ‘Someone You Loved’. The Scottish talent (and part time funny man) has returned, debuting singles from his forthcoming Sophomore album ‘Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’ with singles such as the up beat (but ever depressing) ‘Forget Me’ and the more piano Ballad ‘Pointless’. Capaldi has been on his recent tour promoting his new album which comes out in a few months (May 19th) for a few weeks and stopped by Cardiff International Arena – We sent our Photographer and Writer James Conway to see what all the fuss was about…

To begin the night we had Brit nominee, Raye open for 45 minutes who blessed the hordes of eager fans with a mix of genres and a plethora of upbeat songs (including some from her upcoming album). She had the whole crowd roaring with her UK #1 track, Escapism. Her first 3 tracks were slower piano ballads which didn’t really sit well with the rest of her flashy set list, none the less a worthy opener for the tour.

Following this performance from Raye, we had a very quick 20 minute sound check from Lewis’ team, and the light dropped to black and an impeccable heart racing intro sequence starts playing on Lewis’ huge 3D rectangle LCD Set.

Lewis suddenly appears from a floor hatch and we are transported straight into his comeback song ‘Forget Me’ – safe to say the whole audience knew every word… the song finished with an explosive drum beat laid down by the amazing Freddy Sheed into a surprise confetti explosion.

Following this song we had a classic stand up routine from Lewis – talking about his avid sex life, to rejecting a wedding invite from an audience member, which ultimately led into his next song which was surprise album hit ‘Forever’.

Amongst the classic Hits from Capaldi – he also graced us with a sneak preview of two new songs – one being his favourite from the upcoming LP ‘Wish You The Best’ and audience bopper ‘Heavenly Kind Of State Of Mind’.

Both songs had so much heart poured into them, by both Lewis and the team and I’m sure they will be very quickly added to Lewis ever growing catalogue of hits.

Finally, Capaldi ended his time in Cardiff by sending everyone off with arguably his biggest tracks ‘Hold Me While You Wait’ and the worldwide mega hit ‘Someone You Loved’ – I could tell Lewis was having a ‘I’ve Made It’ moment just from looking at him looking deeply into the audience…. Not to mention the crowd were screaming their lungs out to every single word.

Lewis is due to be back in the UK in August, headlining one of the country’s biggest festivals (Reading & Leeds) by which time, we’d have all heard the album, know every word and felt just as heartbroken listening to it as we did the last one.

Photos & Review – James Conway