Enter: SHIKARI – Bloodshot Review

Written by Joe Dick – Photography by James Conway

The Hertford Shikari boys have released their third offering ‘Bloodshot’ from their forthcoming record ‘A Kiss For The World’ to be released on 21st April 2023.

This new track is the follow up from the two recent teasers of the new album ‘(pls) set me on fire) and ‘it hurts’.

“Bloodshot is about how hard it is to find truth and how easy it is to stop thinking for yourself and simply repeat your ‘team’s’ mantras” says Lead Vocalist and Producer Rou Reynolds. “Every day, I seem to be asking myself ‘Is this article biased?’, ‘Is this claim true?’…’Am I being manipulated? Provoked? Radicalised by my own tribe?’”

Rou took to social media to continue his thoughts: 

“Everyone’s so fucking angry with everyone else and it’s exhausting. It seems like social media’s main purpose these days is to hypnotise us to hate.”

‘Bloodshot’ is a track that when you first hear it, you instantly know it will be a cataclysmic success in Enter: Shikari’s ever hectic, eye watering, spectacular live performances.

Pre Order the new album from Enter: Shikari here.